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Docwyatt 4/24/2014 12:39 AM
Really need to start working on this site again... >.<
Docwyatt 11/15/2013 5:12 AM
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Welcome to the Tatooine Surf Club

We are an elite combat unit formed on the endless beaches of Tatooine. These men and women of the Republic, battle hardened from the blistering Tatooine sun are always prepared to fight for honour and glory

If you too feel you can take the heat and explore, and raid (in the +8 GMT Perth time), feel free to sign up here.
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Strongholds Expansion

Docwyatt, Apr 24, 14 12:38 AM.
If you didn't know already, the new Strongholds expansion has been announced for mid August.

Announcement Trailer

You can read up all about it from this SWTOR link.

Docwyatt (Webmaster)

Tank Optimization 101

Docwyatt, Feb 13, 14 8:49 AM.
I don't know if any of you have seen this, or even agree with the results, but it you are wanting to be a tank, run yourself through this...
Docwyatt (Webmaster)

Torparse Desktop

anthus, Sep 19, 13 1:29 PM.
Hey guys here is the new desktop parser from Torparse maybe able to run this instead of mox as it gives more info.

Shaun Mountford

Server Migration To Harbinger

Docwyatt, Aug 12, 13 3:27 AM.
Remember, log in tonight and make sure you have everything from mail etc on all your characters prior to tomorrows character transfer.
Marillis [Guildmaster]

SWTOR Signature Generator

anthus, Jul 29, 13 11:15 AM.
Those looking to make a signature, here is a link to make on

Weekly Ops (S&V, TFB) Follow-Up

Docwyatt, Jul 18, 13 1:09 PM.
There was a few mistakes, but nothing we cannot fix. As practice for Hard Mode, we seemed to get most of those sorted out (like the first boss)

Thanks to Nofia, we have vidcaps of the operation.




Operations Chief

Olok the Shadow

The Cartel Warlords

Dread Master Styrak

It was a good effort by all who attended.
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